I’m not dead yet.

Hello everyone, I haven’t posted anything recently, but I have been working on my models. Silver tower is quite the set to work through and I’m almost embarrased to admit I’m not even halfway through the box! Anyway, here’s yet another wip of the executioner (my most involved conversion to date), a new character and my Silver Tower progress. As always, let me know what you think!

2016-08-10 22.40.10-1
2016-08-10 22.39.57-12016-08-10 22.45.26


Nothing too exciting today, just some objectives for my Mordheimers to claim. Here we have a generic flag, a caged brazen head and a bound convict. I’m trying to build up a full set of gaming pieces (PC’s, NPC’s, objectives, terrain) ready for when I start playing.

2016-07-11 22.45.59

And here’s a quick wip shot of the Executioner; the summoner and lord of the blood fiends.

2016-07-11 22.45.32

Let me know what you think!


A dark witch, removed from distraction to communicate with the denizens of the sky. The numbing must have been successful, for what else would explain the twisting air that surrounds her? 



Many and varied are the phantoms of the sky, but all are desperate for something locked away from them: A foothold on solid ground. Certain beings can give this most sought after of gifts, instilling their incongruous essence into a rotten fulcrum. These unjust fusions are destined to burn out of existence, rampant energies have no place in frail flesh, but the damage wrought in their short life is nothing short of catastrophic. 


Obviously the painting of my daemons leaves a lot to be desired, but once I’ve got the hang of it these will be getting a new coat of paint. Here’s some extra wips of a few other things I’ve been working on, the cosmic hermit and some blood fiends. The fiends are going to need a summoner and possibly a few extra wisps.

2016-06-22 22.37.322016-06-22 22.37.19

As always, let me know what you think!


This model came as a bit of a surprise, built, green-stuffed and painted over one day. He’s another PC for Mordheim, a bit of a departure from the others though, being a gross mutant.

2016-06-12 10.57.03

A filthy slave on holy ground, a feared warrior on rotted streets. He has come to find what his kin cannot ever hope to enjoy; wealth and respect. 

2016-06-12 10.57.202016-06-12 10.57.33

Two of my other Mordheim groups are being painted at the moment, the oracle and it’s summons, and the Princess’s royal guard. Let me know what you think!

Back with a bang!

Sorry it’s been so long everybody, I’ve really been having trouble recently keeping up with regular updates. Anyway, I have been busy, making a range of characters for my mordheimish collection. Here we have some more PC’s, the ash princesses soldiers, an oracle with copy demon and the corpse master. Some of these are heavy wips, but you should be able to get the direction I’m heading towards at least!

2016-06-01 20.35.442016-06-01 20.35.042016-06-01 20.34.242016-06-01 20.33.50

Let me know what you think!