It’s been a bloody long time since I first showed my wip Nurgle warband, but they haven’t gone anywhere! The release of the new Poxwalkers has coughed new life into the project, and I’m making it my goal to finish these soon. After that I’ll be making some scavvy mutants to wander between the pale branches of the Albino forest.

There’s still a few areas that need touching up (mainly the bases) but I’m trying not to spend too much time with these. Just something to flex my painting muscles before getting back into The Chapel.

7 thoughts on “Nurglites

  1. The conversions are top notch! Regarding the painting, all the groundwork is there, and while I see your point regarding not wanting to spend too much time on them, I’d argue some highlights, especially on the faces and the folds of the second guy’ robes, would go a long way towards elevating these from “very cool” to “completely awesome”.

    Excellent work, in any case! 😉

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    1. Thanks mate 🙂
      Yeah, I was getting a little lazy with these to be honest, they’ve been sitting in “to paint” pile for months! But the shoddy paintjobs were grating me and I sorted them out last night. I’ll add some pictures of them with the other half of the group, so keep an eye out haha


  2. Nice job dude – the pox walker head works really well on the plague bearer, and the short guy is really cool… is he based on a Skaven?


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