Heroes and Gangers

Hello all!

Here’s a couple of shots of what I’ve got on the workbench this week. The first shows an early conversion of a stormcast, and the undying tyrant, a wandering NPC for use in skirmish. If I ever get round to playing a game, he’ll drop his crown as an item once killed.


And the other shows an ash waste tech-scrapper, among the start of my sallow trees for The Albino Woods. I’ve really got to pull my finger out now!


As always, let me know what you think!

8 thoughts on “Heroes and Gangers

  1. I really like the kit bashed Stormcast model, it looks like a Templar knight or even a Questor knight from Bretonia.

    The degrading Garden of Morr gravestone and the dead forest trees remind me of Fable 2. I can’t remember what the place was called in the game, but it defiantly captures the mystery and haunting scene.

    I’d totally recommend trying out AoS skirmish, it’s very engaging to try smaller games that can be customised for narrative focused story.

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    1. Cheers! I’ve always had a soft spot for wandering knights, ever since I was a kid.

      I’ve never played Fable 2, but I played number 3. Those games are beautiful to look at! I’ll try and find some pictures of it, might give me some inspiration.

      I’m still trying to talk the other half into giving it a go haha

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