Nurglites complete! (for now)



A plague worshiper of a particularly noxious breed; This decaying champions leathery skin now weeps a painfully acidic substance. Any attempts to cover his tattered modesty are for naught. But why would such a beautiful example of the good fathers work need covering anyway?


Blight-born man rat, bitter and pale. Denied his mother’s milk, he gathered his sustenance from the warm flesh of his brood. He found his true family in the guise of a rotten father.


The blind seer. His eyes fed the maggots, now the maggots feed the sight. He will guide his brothers to the ends of the earth to spread the joys of their ascension.


Never a true follower of the lord of filth, this twisted mutant seeks a way to ease the pain of it’s existence. Still, he makes a good addition to the family.


So there you have it! The nurgle warband I started ages ago is finally finished. Or at least, the characters are. As time goes on I’ll add some zombies and little Nurgly what-nots to spice it up a bit.

Thanks for the push to properly finish these off, I’m enjoying them a lot more now!



It’s been a bloody long time since I first showed my wip Nurgle warband, but they haven’t gone anywhere! The release of the new Poxwalkers has coughed new life into the project, and I’m making it my goal to finish these soon. After that I’ll be making some scavvy mutants to wander between the pale branches of the Albino forest.

There’s still a few areas that need touching up (mainly the bases) but I’m trying not to spend too much time with these. Just something to flex my painting muscles before getting back into The Chapel.

The Eclipse

A foul curse has stricken the land. A curse of darkness and hate, destroying the lives of those who would bask in the light of their god. No more can the sun raise the crops and mend the living, no more can it guide the lost and inspire the hopeful; For it has been blocked by a vast orb of impenetrable blackness. The solar god masked by a dark bridle.

The plants grow withered and pale, the children starve and the livestock rot.  Skeletal trees grope blindly in the blackness, their branches bare and crumbling. Any attempts to light the darkness are in vain; The only light to permeate the infinite night shines from the great halo in the sky, and from the gentle flames cast by the candles of the blessed.

And shadows thrive in the dark. Those who breed and lurk and kill grow in number; Daemons walk the earth.


With the emergence of these Daemons, these fiends, so too do those ready to banish them rise.  Ready to cleanse the ruined land with axe and fire.  They rise in defiance against the evil, lest it consume them all. 

The witch hunter. Guided through the iron eyes by a creature, statue skinned. He will follow the imp to the ends of the earth in his mission to clean the realms.



A swollen beast of a man. Engorged and pulsing. He has strayed so far and remembers so little. Fleeting glimpses of a dear friend, a brother, emerge in his mind. Replaced by the metallic taste of tainted meat, the pain of splitting skin and crushing loneliness. 



The rotten witch-tracker. Perfectly at home in the pitch blackness, it seeks to banish those who would disturb it’s stagnant peace. 



Long dead creatures crawl from their holes and
foul raiders converge on the valley.
The blazing sun covered by a mask of stone.

This is my entry for Jake’s (aka Bruticus) Eclipse competition being run on the aos28 facebook page. Let me know what you think!


Yet more wips!

I’ve started yet another project for The Chapel! If you’re thinking I’ve bitten off more than I can chew then you’re probably right, but I’m going to show you all anyway.


This is the start of a small chaos warband. Imagine tumorous mutations hidden under yellow cloth and you won’t be far off. I’m really trying to push myself, so there’ll be a lot of sculpting involved.

Then there’s my Eclipse warband. I’ve added fur to the witch hunter and resculpted his hair, textured the brutes armour and armed the wraith. Does anyone have any idea how to make a blunderbuss?


Don’t worry, I’ll be doing a colourful update soon!


The Soldier

Not much to say about this guy, he’s a simple kitbash I painted to keep my painting hand warm. I’d like to write a short story revolving around him at some point (I like his old world uniform and crap equipment) but it’ll probably never happen. We’ll see!

Anyway, have a look and let me know what you think.




Cosmic Hermit

Where does the time go? It feels like I only posted a few days ago but here we are a few weeks since my last update. I’ve worked on two models in my brief absence, this, and a skeletal warrior I’ll be posting on the Outgard thread over on Ammobunker (if you haven’t seen it, check it out).

This lone hermit claims to have fallen from the sky itself, and claims to be kin with the vicious phantoms that inhabit that zone. But surely one shouldn’t believe the delusional ramblings of a crazy old man…


Whilst I really liked the conversion I can’t help but feel the finished article is a little underwhelming. I”ll probably come back to it when inspiration strikes me. Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve it?

A spot of colour.

Hello all! Today I’m proud to finally show off the executioner, my most involved conversion to date. I’ve also painted up my ball-headed wanderer that will serve as an objective or something somewhere down the line.


The executioner stands tall, a giant being swollen with morbid pride and ancient tradition. As the ceremonial significance of his twisted work begins to fade so too does his light grasp on life. Certainly, as the cycle continues, he will be replaced by yet another hooded killer. 



A vicious killer or a misunderstood saint? Only those willing to risk unmasking this mysterious captive will ever know. 

Let me know what you think!


Nothing too exciting today, just some objectives for my Mordheimers to claim. Here we have a generic flag, a caged brazen head and a bound convict. I’m trying to build up a full set of gaming pieces (PC’s, NPC’s, objectives, terrain) ready for when I start playing.

2016-07-11 22.45.59

And here’s a quick wip shot of the Executioner; the summoner and lord of the blood fiends.

2016-07-11 22.45.32

Let me know what you think!


A dark witch, removed from distraction to communicate with the denizens of the sky. The numbing must have been successful, for what else would explain the twisting air that surrounds her? 



Many and varied are the phantoms of the sky, but all are desperate for something locked away from them: A foothold on solid ground. Certain beings can give this most sought after of gifts, instilling their incongruous essence into a rotten fulcrum. These unjust fusions are destined to burn out of existence, rampant energies have no place in frail flesh, but the damage wrought in their short life is nothing short of catastrophic. 


Obviously the painting of my daemons leaves a lot to be desired, but once I’ve got the hang of it these will be getting a new coat of paint. Here’s some extra wips of a few other things I’ve been working on, the cosmic hermit and some blood fiends. The fiends are going to need a summoner and possibly a few extra wisps.

2016-06-22 22.37.322016-06-22 22.37.19

As always, let me know what you think!