Those who would cleanse the chapel

First my camera and now my lamp! I’ve had to relocate to get these images; I’m trying to make the most of the single bulb in my living room. Once it’s fixed I’ll get better images for you all.


These are all of the “characters” that will be venturing to the chapel. I still need to make the walker, and a host of expendable flagellant style conversions. Once they’re all done I’ll be moving on to the NPC’s.


15 thoughts on “Those who would cleanse the chapel

    1. Cheers! They’re (mainly) a bunch of religious cultists, following the word of the bulbous headed leader. He’s told them that he’s received a vision that they can be forgiven in the depths of The Chapel.
      (In reality he’s searching for something and he’s using them as his lackeys)

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    1. Haha cheers 🙂 I’ll be giving every model it’s own post once they’re finished with the lore on it. Basically, they’re a gang of religious nutters being used by a powerful psyker (the guy with the weird head)

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