Ostium Guide: The Siren.


She knows these grounds. She walked these paths when the metallic ground was still shining;
brushed past the sallow trees when they were but saplings. She glided small-footed through
the jade green courtyard, and giggled falsely at the foolish patrons.

But now the paths are rotting, and the saplings, ancient and insurmountable. The perfect
turf replaced by a thick maze of cruel thorns; The once loving clients little more than
crumbling bones in the oil soaked ground. Her beauty, like the paths she follows, has
long since faded.

But she knows these grounds. And for a meager fee, you can too…

Here we go! My first finished model for Mark’s (heresyofus.com) great Chapel project.

As always, honest thoughts are very welcome



12 thoughts on “Ostium Guide: The Siren.

  1. Your words have the same effect on my brain as chocolate does on my tastebuds. Brilliant pose, brilliant paint job, brilliant base too. One question though, not a criticism at all, why is her red cape so clean? Great work man. I love your style.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sorry for the delay, I completely missed your comment!
      Thank you so much. I really enjoy writing my small, vague tidbits of lore for these guys. I might try my hand at poems eventually.
      I don’t know how I even missed that, consider it fixed :p

      Liked by 1 person

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