Those who would purge the chapel

I managed to pinch my camera from work for a few hours so I could grab some images of the start of my chapel warband, including their mysterious escort. The Ostium Guide was completed really quickly, but I wasn’t happy with the arms so they both got lopped off. This is where she stands at the moment. I’ll be adding a few flaming servo skulls and -fingers crossed- something akin to the penitent engine.



13 thoughts on “Those who would purge the chapel

    1. Nah she’ll be getting another one, I’m just struggling to find something that fits! I need to put some sort of metal hoop on the end of her staff too 😉

      I haven’t written anything yet, but in my head the guides used to be beautiful figures used to lure people in to the chapel, ready for religious converting. But as the chapel became overgrown and obscured (that’s what I’m getting from the surrounding forest anyways) they had to travel further and harder to find people. Worn out, survivalist showgirls/boys basically.

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  1. Cracking stuff! Trying to work out where all the bits for the Guide came from and I’m concluding that a lot of them you made yourself (either that or my ability to recognise bitz is severely lacking today!). Looking forward to seeing her finished.

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    1. Haha she’s definitely one of my more involved conversions! The main body is from one of the blood cauldron elves, with a trimmed down genestealer hybrid head. Then it’s all wrapped in super glue coated dental floss :p

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    1. Cheers Alex!

      On another note, your models arrived yesterday 🙂 Thanks very much for sending them over, they all look brilliant. I’ll be doing them a post sometime soon!


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