Hello all! I’m happy to say my contributions have finally arrived for the Outgard game, unfortunately too late to make a difference. Anyway, I thought you might like to see some images of the finished models.


With this, the now past Pilgrim game and the recent Chapel game being organised I’ve found a big love for collaborative projects like these. The hobby is just so much better when you have people to share it all with.

I know I don’t comment on things as often as I should, but you’ve all been doing brilliant work and I’ve been inspired by each and every one of you.

My god I miss posting.




18 thoughts on “Outgard

  1. These are delightful models! I particularly love the shambling skeleton. He seems very ready for war! I am glad the models did eventually make it to their destination, the post can be a fickle thing… The model my brothers and I sent also arrived really late, ha ha.

    I agree that these collaborative projects are really great in that they bring the community closer together and push everyone’s’ creativity further!

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    1. Thank you, the skeleton is my personal favourite as well!
      Yours was the Vermilion Wanderer right? A very nice, mysterious model. How do you and your brothers work? I’ve always been curious 🙂


      1. Yeah, he was ours. Since we live in different parts of the USA now, we tend to work pretty separately, providing feedback to each other. Adam does most of the heavy converting and painting work though.


      1. Ah, that would be telling mate 😉 Suffice to say that I’m going to be really pushing myself out of my comfort zone on this one, and taking on a subject I’ve tended to avoid!


      1. Ah – good question mate! At the moment my ideas are still swirling round my brain but they’re starting to coalesce at last. I’m thinking about those weird servitors that haunt the Chapel and wondering what other technological secrets might be hidden in there. I’m sure the Martian Priesthood would love to know a little more – are there lost mysteries worth retrieving or is it all corrupted and should be put to the torch at once? Of course to go openly risks aggravating the shadowy rulers of the Chapel and they’re not yet ready to do that, so what kind of man would they send to do their work in the shadows? And what about conflicting agendas within the warband itself? After all the shadowy corners of an already secretive and information obsessed organisation is fertile soil for anyone else who thrives on mystery and skulduggery.

        What about yourself – any plans coming together yet?


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