A spot of colour.

Hello all! Today I’m proud to finally show off the executioner, my most involved conversion to date. I’ve also painted up my ball-headed wanderer that will serve as an objective or something somewhere down the line.


The executioner stands tall, a giant being swollen with morbid pride and ancient tradition. As the ceremonial significance of his twisted work begins to fade so too does his light grasp on life. Certainly, as the cycle continues, he will be replaced by yet another hooded killer. 



A vicious killer or a misunderstood saint? Only those willing to risk unmasking this mysterious captive will ever know. 

Let me know what you think!


18 thoughts on “A spot of colour.

  1. I will admit that I wasn’t 100% on board with these conversions before, but man, your paintjob has managed to completely reverse my opinion: The colours you have chosen actually perfectly turns the grittiness and texture of the conversion into something extremely cool. Very nice!

    Come to think of it, these guys seem like they would be perfectly at home in Jeff Vader et. al.’s Outgard setting — just sayin’…

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    1. Cheers mate! Luckily my grubby painting makes the shoddy sculpting look intentional :p
      I’ve already invited myself along to help with the project, hopefully I’ll be sending some NPC’s to the group to help out (there’s a skeleton WIP picture for the project over on the Ammobunker if you’re interested)
      On another note, I absolutely love what you’ve done to make daemon Angron, he’s perfect!

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    1. Thanks Bo! I’ll be reading your battle report soon, I haven’t had the time yet. It looks to be a good read (I like what you’re doing with the guard too). The executioner is part of a bigger scheme I’m trying to work out, so it should all make sense eventually! No idea about ball-head though haha

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  2. These are brilliant in their simplicity – no fuss or clutter on the conversion side, and a really understated but quite beautiful paint job. Love ’em!

    Ball-head shouldn’t work, but he absolutely does, (and is really creepy!) Bravo sir 👏

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    1. Thank you, I think that’s part of the reason I’m so drawn to/inspired by your Outgard project.
      Your not the first person I’ve seen mentioning Berserk, what’s it all about?


      1. Berserk is a multivolume manga (and some anime). It’s really bleak and depressing, well worth reading even if it has recently been quite bad. There’s a great resume of it on Ex Profundis.

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