Ordo Xenos; Part 4

2016-06-01 20.37.12

A wretched soul, left abandoned by it’s house for severe crimes of mutation. It was left squirming in filth, starved and alone. Following unusual reports of widespread human combustion, Rhodax found it and took it under his wing. Under careful tutelage and protection it has since blossomed into a powerful psyker;  Using the gift of ether-sight to protect it’s employer from harm and crumbling foes to dust with a glare from it’s celestial eye. 

2016-06-01 20.38.282016-06-01 20.38.00


12 thoughts on “Ordo Xenos; Part 4

  1. ‘squirming in filth’… that phrase conjures up such a nasty image, and this mini completely delivers on that idea. Great conversion, great painting – quite brilliant sir!

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I have built up quite the timeline for this fellow in my head, starting with his time as an illiterate filthy wretch to the over-privileged, entitled, rude mutant he is now. I’d imagine he doesn’t tell anyone of the old days when he laid too weak to move in pools of his own excrement.

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