Back with a bang!

Sorry it’s been so long everybody, I’ve really been having trouble recently keeping up with regular updates. Anyway, I have been busy, making a range of characters for my mordheimish collection. Here we have some more PC’s, the ash princesses soldiers, an oracle with copy demon and the corpse master. Some of these are heavy wips, but you should be able to get the direction I’m heading towards at least!

2016-06-01 20.35.442016-06-01 20.35.042016-06-01 20.34.242016-06-01 20.33.50

Let me know what you think!



9 thoughts on “Back with a bang!

  1. Oh boy, they are brilliant mate, I can’t stop looking at the little fella on the left in the third photo, and the guy in the fourth is creepy as hell! Welcome back!

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  2. Good stuff all round mate, love the skeleton champion with the beast’s head and the heap of skeletons bursting out of the ground. The star of the show is the spectre floating over the corpses at the bottom – I’m still trying to figure out how he was made. The base model is the clampack necromancer right? How did you adjust him so he would float like that?


    1. Thanks! The last guy is a mix of two plastic characters, his arms are from the necromancer and the body is a VERY cut up cairn wraith. I’ve got a lot of green stuff work to do to blend the parts together before he’ll be ready for paint πŸ™‚

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