Ordo Xenos; Part 3

Looks like I missed a couple of  days, whoops! The weather has been unusually nice recently and I’ve taken full advantage of it. It’ll probably be a while until we get sun like this again (Those of you in England probably know what I mean haha) Anyway, here is number three: The scout/doctor. I really enjoyed painting this group, I’ve managed to try a couple of new techniques which I’ll be putting to use in my next project. The skin tones look better in real life I swear!

2016-05-09 20.51.11

A tragic Terran native. Pulled from his homeworld for his knowledge of the system’s wildlife and his learnings on the  human anatomy. Whilst he has helped the party tremendously,  his time with the group is drawing to a close. There comes a point when an outsider has learned too much, and unfortunately for him that line has now been crossed.

2016-05-09 20.50.45



5 thoughts on “Ordo Xenos; Part 3

  1. Brilliant job – you really do get a feel for this character… the way his clothing looks old and rotten, I can almost smell him! Wonderful work, top to bottom (love the candles on the base!)

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