The Queue

I seriously need to hurry up! I’m setting myself a deadline and aiming to have this lot painted by the same time next week. See you on the other side!

2016-04-25 22.34.58


9 thoughts on “The Queue

    1. It’s a bit late now (you’ve probably seen my latest update) but there’s never really a plan for the colour scheme haha! I just use whatever might look good in front of me (which has resulted in quite a few repaints!)

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  1. Looking forward to seeing them. I would say not to rush them however. Blogging can make you feel like you need to bang out models and I’ve found it to be a bit of a hindrance at times. Do you have a game coming up with them?

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    1. It’s a weird feeling, at times blogging can give me a huge burst of motivation, at others I feel almost guilty that I haven’t posted in a while.
      I wish I did, I don’t actually have a gaming group and AoS hasn’t really been received well at my local GW. I’m just going to keep on churning out models until something happens haha


    2. I mention AoS for my Mordheim models, playing Necromunda/inquisitor/inq28 is probably never going to happen unfortunately. Not to mention the fact I don’t really know how to play!


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