The Mad and The Crumbling

Hello everyone! I’ve been a bit rubbish with my updates recently (sorry) but I’m hoping I can change that soon. Here’s what I’ve been up to anyway, let me know what you think.


Here he stands, weakly defiant, the remains of the celebrated solar knight. He once stood as a shining example to the sun worshippers, a paragon of humanity, excelling in humble pride and skill.  But he was felled in a vast battle and cast down from his lofty perch. Now he stumbles ashamed with immoral mercenaries, soldiering on whilst waiting for his heroic death. 


The eternal guardian of the late Powder Princess. She sought to ascend for many years and, when she did, her protector was left alone and without a purpose. For an age he searched single-mindedly for his missing lady but to no avail. All hints of her whereabouts led to skeletal undeath and eventually he succumbed to the madness afflicting so many throughout Mordheim. 


A sealed cremation urn, wrapped with luxurious tatters.  Obviously the remains of someone of high status is contained within, but what makes it so sought after? Those that have had the misfortune to hold it have remarked on the smell of roses emanating from deep inside and that, when in the presence of death, the urn can be heard to whisper sweetly. 

A PC, an NPC and an objective to add to my growing Reborn Mordheim collection. I’ll be putting up the full Mordheim announcement post soon. I’ve also written a great page of info for my version of the city, and I’ll be putting sections of it into any posts I do.

“The churning pipes and smoking chimneys are little more than a forceful mirage, there is no warmth to be felt by the fires or sewerage to dispose of the filth. The pale white walls and thatched roofs are nothing more than rock formations and the gilded treasure is precious ore ripped from the earth itself. Nothing in Mordheim is as it seems, the creations and inhabitants twisted according to the abandoned’s sensibilities”.  

On another note, is there anybody local(ish) that might want to meet up for a game of AoS? I’m based in Essex, England.


10 thoughts on “The Mad and The Crumbling

  1. Hang on a moment!? Is that a sunwheel on the banner of the solar knight or the 8-pointed star of Chaos? Not sure if that’s a deliberate touch or not but I think it adds a lot to the feeling of uncertainty and despair around the character and opens up a bit of narrative – we know he’s fallen from grace but how far? The guardian is very cool as well and the background fiction is wonderfully full of atmosphere.

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    1. I’m so glad you picked up on that! Whilst he is definitely a loyal follower of the sun, his erstwhile kin have fallen very far after finding artifacts sporting the “blazing sun” symbol. Only time will tell if he joins them…

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  2. The Solar Knight…I mean this truly…might be one of the most emotionally impressive figures I’ve seen. So much emotion in that face, and it’s painted so well. I love your painting style – rough and gritty, but detailed only where it needs to be. I really can’t get over his face – it’s amazingly lifelike.

    You get some really interesting textures on your models – are you doing that with thicknesses of paint, or is that something like liquid greenstuff that you’re using to change the surface of the model? – I’m thinking specifically about his chest and gauntlet.

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    1. Thank you so much, this comment really put a smile on my face! The textures are partially thick paint and partially the weird way I sculpt with green stuff. Rather than making the object whilst the green stuff is wet I let it dry out completely and carve it into the shape I want. I know it’s a bit backwards but I don’t really have any sculpting tools 🙂


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