Xenos Progress Part 2

Here are the other members of the Xenos retinue, the pilot and the doctor. After taking this picture I’ve realised that I might need to change the pilots hand to a bigger one. Please let me know what you think of these!

2016-03-27 21.06.49.jpg


16 thoughts on “Xenos Progress Part 2

  1. Like the pilot, but maybe turn the gun a few degrees so it’s facing outward? Love the other guy – what’s the story with him? My first thought was some kind of pysker but then he appears to have a syringe in his hand. The model works well though and looks cohesive so it’s not a criticism – I’m just curious to know what his story is 🙂

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    1. Good point, consider it changed! Honestly, I’m still trying to pinpoint his backstory myself. The rough idea I have at the moment is that he’s a disheveled, wandering doctor with a deep knowledge of human anatomy and survival techniques. He’s not a permanent member of the group (he doesn’t really fit the look of the other members all that well) but an exile they found on the outskirts of a settlement that been kept around for his services. He’ll probably be killed when they move off planet again haha

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    1. Thanks! His head is from the peasant in the hand from the giant kit. I think PDH used it for his trooper a little while ago. I’ve sent you a PM over on ammobunker 🙂


  2. Great conversion work as usual mate. The dude with the cane oozes character. He reminds me of the monks in The Name of the Rose ( Awesome movie ) Which parts did you use to create him?


  3. The doctor is fantastic! his meaty face reminds of Pete Postlethwaite:)
    (and like everybody I’m wondering where you got it from)
    oh and the reliquary and the candles are such a cool terrain detail.
    Wonderful work!


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