Ordo Xenos

I’m making another inquisitor and retinue, this time of the ordo xenos. This seems to be the least covered when it comes to the three main factions so I’ve decided to try and do it justice. The plan as it stands is to make a variety of humans in different altered states. Humanity is supreme! This is what I have planned:

  • Deformed, wretched navigator
  • Naval Captain
  • Xenos Inquisitor
  • Surveyor
  • Veteran?
  • Deathwatch Marine?

2016-03-16 22.29.09

Obviously these are all early wips, placeholder parts and greenstuff required!



11 thoughts on “Ordo Xenos

  1. They’re all looking very sweet in the most twisted way. I really like the guy towards the back with the syringe. I bet he’s a real prick hehe. His hair is manic. Where do you get the full body cloaks from? I see them often on bloggers work. Is the poor fellow on the far right going to get arms? It would be pretty cool if he remained armless. As always, very nice work my friend.

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    1. Cheers! A prick pun? Sharp.
      The bottom half came from the VC necromancer, which is one of my favourite models. The arms are from a cultist πŸ™‚
      He was originally going to get both his arms but maybe I could leave one off? He’s supposed to be a naval captain so maybe it could be some sort of controller port for his ship. You’ve got me thinking now!

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