Hello all! Right, this is a bit of a change of pace from the last post. I’ve reached a temporary stopping point with my pilgrim models whilst I wait for some green stuff to arrive in the post. To keep myself busy I’ve thrown together another member for my AoS/Mordheim group. He was once a well respected and rightly feared commander, until receiving a battlefield injury that left him unable to fight. Now he tags along with the other mercs, using his reputation and knowledge to assist the group.

2016-03-02 21.21.12

Humiliated, he is but a shadow of his former self. He struggles to stand as the slender hero of old. 

Let me know what you think!



13 thoughts on “Legend

  1. That’s excellent, there’s so much character in the old man’s face. The thinness of the figure really works in its favour as well. To me that is the figure of a classic warhammer human, downtrodden and woefully underequipped to deal with the horrors ahead – and doesn’t he just know it!

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    1. Thanks very much 🙂 I love all the old empire/brettonia artwork, with the filthy amputee soldiers, patches over their eyes, no teeth and broken weapons. With the giant heroes doing battle in AoS I’m imagining the lowly humans are still downtrodden and dirty, which is what I’m trying to bring across. I’ve got a terrain project going on in the background with a similar aesthetic, but that’s going to take a while before it’s finished.


  2. Great figure. Sometimes we all forget that simplicity in modelling is just as powerful as creating a complex, over-the-top figure. This guy is pretty much perfect. Gotta get me some of those heads!

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      1. I’m well, thanks. Started some physical therapy this week that is already showing good results. It’s still a real dog to sit comfortably for too terribly long before the nerves in the back of my thigh start to shoot fire into my foot, but it’s getting there. I’d like to try and get something hobby-wise done in the coming week if it will let me.

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