The Pilgrymme


As I’ve said before, it’s become increasingly hard not to be influenced by the growing Pilgrim project, so I’ve decided to make a few characters of my own. My work will pale in comparison to the work going on at Iron Sleet but I’ve had a few ideas I need to put across. As you can see, these are very early wips, but these should at least show a rough idea of what I’m doing.

2016-02-20 18.18.41

These are members of the countless throng of repentant pilgrims, nothing special in the gargantuan hierarchy of Terra.  They mutilate themselves to pay for forgotten sins, becoming one with the emperor with every cut inflicted. Flogging and beating themselves pure. They are frowned upon by the majority of devotees, but they do not care, so long as the emperor witnesses them.

On another note, I’ve added a couple of pictures to the last post!


13 thoughts on “The Pilgrymme

    1. Thank you! The variation is becoming a little bit of a problem to be honest, they were supposed to be nameless fodder but as I work on them more they’re developing into characters of their own! I’ll probably end up building up the numbers with a few flagellant based members.


    1. Thanks! I can imagine there being a great deal of weird, eccentric personalities on Terra. There will definitely be some more members of this group as I go on, hopefully even stranger than these guys.


      1. Looking forward to them! I’ll be posting up my Pilgryme lot up soon. It’s like you said it’s hard not be influenced by such a well thought out idea. The characters people are coming up with are truely awesome.

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    1. They’re the robes from the bottom half of the chaos sorcerer. I’ll be finishing his top half off with green stuff (hopefully, all I really sculpt is fur -gulp-)


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