Finally I can present to you the finished article, the project long in the making, my Inquisitor and his (semi)loyal retinue! I had a lot of fun making these and I feel ready to plow straight into my next project. More information after some pictures and a bit of loose background.


Magos Aedifexxe IV-3


An immoral exile from a guild of tech worshippers. It finds no fault dealing with the most heinous of technologies, rumoured to have even dealt with Abominable Intelligence.  It is as cold and calculating as any machine could possibly be, with a slight hint of mindful spite. 


Saboteur Talbot


Once a lowly enforcer with an aptitude for finding the vile, until he found too much. He was forcefully reborn with a body of iron to serve loyally by his saviours side. He possesses a conscience, a rare thing in a band of mechanisms and miscreants. 


+++File Not Recognised+++


A ghost in the eyes of the Imperium, this formidable marksman has a horrific Underhive reputation. Removed from his hunting grounds to search and extinguish with unblinking eyes. 


Inquisitor “Libertatem” 


The previous interrogator of the late inquisitor Lucien. Whilst none knew of his employment by the respected lord, nobody doubted his allegiance to him after his death by the brandishing of the famous rosette. He gained the powers expected from an inquisitor, to fulfil the tasks set into action by his apparent tutor. But as time went on, and he defined his character, others are beginning to wonder what was so promising to Lucien about this delinquent. He causes anarchy and seeks to undo everything the emperors servants have spent so long maintaining. There are even those amongst his many critics who say that the rosette wasn’t handed down to him willingly at all…

2016-02-20 20.12.39

He wears the skull of Lucien on a shrine on his shoulder. Outsiders see this as a sign of respect, but in truth it’s only a reminder of the man who “allowed” him to live the life of an all powerful rogue. 


Blessed Remains


No one is really sure why Inquisitor keeps this around, a direct contradiction to his beliefs. Is it a cowardly attempt to seem faithful, or a deceptive mocking? Does it serve some other purpose? 


The Pointer


The embodiment of hypocrisy, this bound psychic hunts the minds of the corrupt. He uses his blessing to find the cursed, and when the bell rings the death sentence is passed. 

20160215_145721-12016-02-20 20.11.17

Now that’s all tied up I’m moving on to new projects, a repugnant warband and something with cloth, decay, gold, blood and smoke. Really my attention should be fully on my Nurgle warband but it’s hard not to be influenced by the growing Pilgrymme project.



15 thoughts on “Inquisitor

  1. This is a fantastic looking group. There are so many things you’ve done here that I feel like I’ve wanted to do more of in my own painting, but haven’t really quite put into conceptualization – the limited palette, the texture, and overall grimdark “grit” – I feel like all of my paintjobs turn out too clean and sterile. These just drip with character.

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    1. Thank you! I feel having a limited palette really helps to bring the group together, the vast majority of these models have brown mixed in to the paint for example. I think everybody always want to try new styles of paint, personally I’d like to be able to paint at least one clean and crisp model, just to see how it looks.

      On another note, I hope you’re better soon!


      1. Thanks, man, I appreciate it. It seems like the new course of treatment is showing results, but it will still be a while before I’m of sound body and clear head. Of course, I also need to be a “good patient” and not get up to the shenanigans again that caused me to get hurt again.

        I really should try the limited palette, or the base-tone method you’re describing. I know that’s a pretty common and effective technique, but as soon as I sit down to paint a model and come up with a color scheme, my paint box overwhelms me and I always feel like I need to use more colors than I need to. I know that the range of colors Thistle uses on a regular basis is ludicrously small, and at least as an experiment, I should probably challenge myself to do the same.

        What is on the shoulder pad of the Inquisitor? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clear shot of that side of him, and the texture on that arm looks intriguing.

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      2. It’ll probably work out quicker if you give it the time to heal up, as frustrating as it is! Maybe try picking a select few paints out of the box and strictly using just them? That’s pretty much my only method because I don’t have that many paints!
        I wish I could paint even half as good as Thistle, I could happily spend ages just looking at his completed models. There’s some candles melted on a skull, I’ll be putting up some more pictures later on 🙂


    1. Thanks! I can’t say I’m the most accomplished when it comes to freehand painting but I really enjoy trying, I feel it really adds something. The little buzz saw is from the end of one of the arms on the medic servitor in the DKOK quartermaster retinue (the figure I used for the body of The Pointer).

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      1. ahaa… Damn! That retinue is chock full of sweet INQ28 bitz, but alas a bit out of my price range.
        I think I’ll have to build the tiny surgical things I need from scratch:I

        Thanks for the answer though!

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      2. It’s a great kit for sure, lots of great bits and pieces for conversions. What is it you’re after? Some of the Dark Eldar have a few syringes and cutting tools?


      3. well specifically I’d like to get my hands on a tiny cirkular saw. I got alot of Wrack stuff but I want to balance out their sharp elongated forms with something crude and rounded forms.

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  2. Oh my Christ! This is so so soooooo good. It’s like chocolate for my eyes. Love it man. You’ve done a fine job with all the modelling and the painting has the right amount of grimness about it. Can we get some more pix please? Different angles etc. The “file not recognised” is my fave! I need to know more about him but think it’s cool there not to much known about him hehe. I really like your style mate and I feel very inspired by it. I’ll be back to look again and again.

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    1. Thanks a lot! 🙂
      I’ll get some pics tonight if I get the chance, from a few different angles.

      The Sniper is a vicious hunter-for-hire from the lower levels of a vast hive. Nobody is entirely sure where he came from, but the general consensus is that he climbed up from the very bottom of the Underhive to carve himself a small fortune. His body has been modified to better suit his profession, with an auto-lung to help stabilise his aiming and a targeting array for detecting different waves of light. He became so infamous that even the spyreborn used him for his “services”. The Inquisitor caught wind of the legend and sought him out for his own purposes.

      That’s the general gist of it anyway, I haven’t done a proper write up for him!

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