Big changes


After a night of furious cutting and carving of two of my favourite Forge World models, I can finally present a figure for my inquisitor than I’m happy with. I know this is completely different to his previous incarnation but this definitely suits his anarchist atheist personality much better. This model has given me a huge boost  of motivation to finish the project off, so you can probably expect the final post sometime soon.

20160207_121006-12016-02-07 16.05.512016-02-07 16.06.21

Please let me know what you think!


10 thoughts on “Big changes

    1. Thanks! I’ll see if I can bulk them up a little with some pouches or something, but I think a lot of it is probably the picture. There’ll be some more put up in a bit 🙂


      1. Hmm… It’s a tricky one really! I’ll have a little play around with it and I might be able to do something interesting, even if it’s just adding a few grenades.


    1. Cheers! That’s sort of what I was aiming for, his owner is strictly against religion. He keeps it around as a dark, satirical jeer about the current state of the imperium.


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