Flyblown Interlude


As I’m sure you all know, it can be very hard sticking to one project at a time. Whilst you to try focus on (in my case) a dark, mysterious inquisitor retinue, the back of your mind is pondering away on thoughts of rot and disease, the followers of such horrors and the rewards for doing so. Even though it can be a little annoying at times I think it’s always best to follow the hobby butterfly to keep the flow of things fresh and original. I had this week off of work so I’ve had more time to build than usual, but rather than finish my Inquisitor project like I planned I’ve made myself a small Nurgle warband for Age of Sigmar. This isn’t to say I’m abandoning the inquisitorial project, merely taking a break from it for a little while. Anyway, that’s enough blathering, take a look at the fruits of my spare time:



As requested, I’ve added a few close-ups of the group as they stand at the moment! (Early wips, green stuff definitely required)

A group of pestilent Skaven, tagging along for reasons of their own. Cowardly duo of plague worshippers, exploited and abused by the bigger litter-sibling…



The sole survivor of a new religion chapel, beset by destructive virus. Abandoned old gods for patriarchal love.


Corrupted Necromancer, one who has mastered the vile arts of unlife. The leaders second in command, he helps to disperse his life-spores to another body when the previous host crumbles.



12 thoughts on “Flyblown Interlude

    1. Cheers! I’ve added some more pictures now if you’d care to take a look πŸ™‚
      I haven’t got those rules yet (I’ll definitely pick them up at some point, I need to learn to play this game I keep making figures for!) so I just made whatever really. I really wanted to convert the two newest Skaven plastics though, so they were a clear choice!

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  1. They are so good! Like, ridiculously good man. I need a list of bits hehe. I’m not as “adept” as most of you for knowing where all the bits come from haha.
    You make an interesting point at the beginning of your post about how it’s hard sticking to one project at a time. I think we are all like that. I think that in the “real” world we are so conditioned to schedules, finishing jobs, essays etc that we automatically think we should finish creative projects too. I say down with “SHOULD” or “MUST” or “HAVE TO”.
    One of the things I have learnt’t and love about this hobby is that inspiration is there to lead us in many, many different directions. For me, I love the finished result of a hobby project but I now realize the journey is the best part.
    Rant over.
    Again, great models mate. I’m looking forward to seeing them painted and looking even dirtier and more menacingly brilliant hehe.

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    1. Hear, Hear! It’s good to have that freedom to do whatever you want, especially as it’s so easy to go off on an inspired tangent…
      On another note thank you for your kind words, high praise indeed!

      And here comes a list of bits:
      The first Skaven (from left to right) is made entirely from the screaming bell kit, The second is the Skaven warlord with a blightking sword and plaguepriest head (again, from the screaming bell) and the third is pretty much a stock clanrat, with a shield from the Ungor kit. The religious traitor is the body of the plague priest with a head from the blightkings and a bell from the clanrats. Lastly, the necromancer is the Skaven grey seer with a head from the corpse cart draggers, the bodies of which were used to make his zombies with a stiched head from the plaguebearer set.
      That should be everything, but I’d imagine there’ll be much more added before they’re done and ready for painting. The Skaven kits are so good for any types of disgusting mutants!

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      1. I’d imagine so yeah, some of the robed figures could make good agressors/rabble-rousers, and the stormvermin are hunched and ragged for the general mutant rebels. You might need to green stuff some boots on though, depending on how mutated you want them to be.

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