Too Many Options…

Hello all, I wouldn’t usually do another update at this point in progress but I’ve reached a stopping point. Whilst trying to finish up my henchmen I managed to break the head off of the eversor imitator. Although I still have the original head it made me question whether or not I should glue it back on. After a brief rummage through my bits I’ve managed to find a good few replacements but I can’t decide on which one. So I’m asking you, whoever ends up reading this, about what head would look best.

Here’s the miniature in question: 20160111_223456

And here’s the potential heads: 20160111_223224

As you can see some of them will need some green stuff work, but I think they all have potential.

On another note, it wouldn’t be right to have an update without a new miniature. So here’s another member of the inquisitors retinue, a floating magos.


Please let me know what you think!


11 thoughts on “Too Many Options…

  1. Loving the floating magos, any chance we could see him from the rear – would be interested to see what, if anything, makes him float?
    Regarding the heads my preference would be for the second from the left, it adds a slightly mysterious element and makes him look more like an assassin. It really depends on the personality of the character though. Human assassin? Second from left. Cyborg experiment? Far left. Fanatical zealot? Far right. Mercenary? Second from right. I don’t really like the one in the middle though!

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    1. There’s not much on his back really, a power pack and a few cables. I imagined the bottom portion of him would act as an anti-gravity engine, spinning to control his movements. I’ll add some more pictures tonight if I get the chance anyway 🙂

      I’ve been swaying towards the second or last one today, although your comment has got me thinking again. I see him as a cold-hearted killer, willing to exterminate anyone no matter the age, race, sex etc…

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      1. I know I’m biased towards the second from left but that’s very much the vibe I get from it – it give an element of mystery which makes the character seem that bit more cold and ruthless. Just my thoughts though – I’m sure it’ll look grand whichever you go for 🙂

        On a different note – in the top image where did the head of the other model in the top picture come from?

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      2. Thanks 🙂 the head is from the forge world Death Korps Quartermaster and Retinue, the one with all the scrolls. The decayed head on the servo arm is from a Death Guard terminator shoulder pad.

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  2. Far left the skitarii one for sure! The respirator thingie makes it large enough for the neck/base of the head and it’s as elaborate as the rest of the miniature. Fantastic looking characters 🙂

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    1. No question here. Instinctively I thought the second one from the left and then reading the comments left me quite surprised that so many others had the same reaction 🙂

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